Halfpint’s Point: The OK Cupid deal

Valentines Day has come and gone. Yours truly is single. Though honestly not for want of trying. Recently I started a profile on OKCupid.com and through a deal over the Holidays. I bought a 3 Month A Plus Subscription for a discount. I browsed various profiles sent messages and as inconceivable as it sounds I got messages back and even some dates out of it. Naturally, I enjoyed using the website. As an A Plus Member, I could see who’s viewed my profile, who’s liked me, and if my messages were read. That way I could gather up a better idea of who I liked that liked me back, I didn’t spam anyone (because who want’s that) or more importantly, I didn’t waste my time.
Then at the beginning of this year, I got an email from Alice who I’m just going to assume is an admin of OKCupid. I’m going to go over this Paragraph by Paragraph so it’s easy to figure out. Sorry for the Double Posting


Now I understand the idea of this. No one likes spam. No one likes to be harassed. No one wants what OKC calls “Unwanted” Messages. That’s perfectly fine. Now if only they had a way to highlight and then erase said messages. I think we can call it a delete button. Are you getting something that seems like spam or a porn bot well crap that profile should be never seen again. Call it a Block button. Oh you got someone consistently messaging you that you would never see in a million years. He keeps insisting he’s the basis of Christian Grey (whoever that is) Maybe that guy doesn’t deserve a profile. Maybe have a report button there so Admin can take care of any problems because believe me he’s not just messaging you.


Now that Seems a bit confusing but I can explain it in simple terms. Only because I’ve experienced this.

Say I go onto a profile of someone who I’m interested in. Our profiles have an over 80% match. She can spell words correctly and even a nice pic so I can see what she looks like. I click the like button and automatically I’m instigated to Message her RIGHT THEN AND RIGHT THERE. Feelings of THE MOMENT IS NOW OR NEVER take over me as I probably say something quickly and awkwardly in my feeble attempts to break the ice. Now it used to be that I could see all messages I sent out and when/if they were read. I tried to be a grown adult and saw that if they were read with no reply they were not interested and moved on to someone who replied. What a concept eh? Except Now after you send this message you get this

Ok Cupid 2

Also, their profile is no longer visible to you. That is unless they like your profile back at which case they see everything. Including the message that pops up as soon as they like you. Wait for hold on a second Let’s use some logic here

You’re a person browsing a dating profile online. They seem interesting you like them So You click the like button and Immediately not only do you see that they like you back they also have a message for you. Aren’t we all trained to instinctively think SPAM


Oh wow, your beta testing on certain bitching Millenials worked sort of. Honestly, it hasn’t gotten better for me. I’m back to being reminded that as a Single Male in 2018 I don’t have any say and don’t have a chance on your website thanks to the increased difficulties at figuring out what the hell it is I’m doing. How can you tell me to trust in Providence and only worry if it’s “Meant to be” When the people who tell me that are also the ones holding all the Cards?

In Closing, I will not be extending my A Plus Membership when it comes up in March. In Fact, I’ll probably delete my profile altogether. You could say it’s a breakup. Don’t Worry OkCupid it’s not me it’s you

I’m Halfpint and That’s my point.


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